Our way of working We share knowledge. It is never too early to phone us. On the contrary, the sooner we know your requirements for cleaning, assembling and qualifying, the better our solutions will be. You will see the benefits throughout your entire supply chain. We devise improvements in partnership with your engineers. We are attentive to all aspects of contamination and so prevent problems from occurring in the process. Our aim in this is better “design for cleaning", and a more efficient process, which brings benefits for you too. But we are not only the partner of choice when it comes to cleaning, assembling and qualifying. Innovar Cleaning Control is an associated company of IPS Technology.  This engineering firm is specialised in developing high-quality industrial packaging and tooling. IPS also has test facilities where packaging and products are tested in many different ways. This includes tests in our climate chamber, in the shaker, and elsewhere. Together with IPS Technology, Innovar serves the entire supply chain from designing innovative packaging to delivering and installing well-packaged, ultra-clean, RGA or other qualified products.
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