We measure residual gases in three different containers, which are able to perform measurements independently of each other.  We select the most suitable container for your product that will provide an optimum measurement. It may be useful to know that we can also analyse and interpret the measurements and give advice if so required. S container (Full Metal Seal) Our smallest RGA container is completely sealed with metal. The advantage of such a seal is that the copper ring (in contrast to a Viton O-ring) ensures that no additional outgassing is released and the total ultimate base pressure is lower (as low as 5E-10). The background to our S container is therefore ultra-low (down to 4.75E-10). An additional advantage is that, due to customer demand, this construction is modular. At present our RGA S container has a diameter of 200 mm and a height of 450 mm.   L container The medium-sized RGA container is sealed with an O-ring and has a diameter of 400 mm and is 750 mm high. XL container Just as our middle-sized variant, our largest RGA container is sealed with an O-ring, but due to its diameter of 990 mm and its height of 850 mm, large components can be qualified in it. Obviously, we work with lifting and leverage equipment so as not to damage components and we adhere to all the relevant legislation and regulations. As you would expect, we always treat your product with the greatest care during handling.
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