Innovar and IPS Technology Innovar Cleaning Control is an associated company of IPS Technology.  Where Innovar concentrates on cleaning, assembling and qualifying components and products in the high-tech industry, IPS is a specialist in developing industrial packaging and tooling. IPS also has test facilities where packaging and products are physically tested. IPS and Innovar jointly serve the entire supply chain from designing innovative packaging to delivering and installing well-packaged, ultra-clean and qualified products. But Innovar and IPS not only carry out operational activities. We are happy to contribute ideas towards your process and do not shrink from sharing this knowledge with you too. Solutions can therefore be devised in partnership with your engineers, and our many years of experience and expertise can prevent problems in your process. Our aim in this is better “design for cleaning". And a more efficient process, which brings benefits for you too. To give you a good idea of the experiences clients have had with the facilities and services Innovar provides, you can read a few testimonials that Innovar's clients have written. Vacancies Innovar Cleaning Control has no vacancies at present. You are of course at liberty to send an open application. Please send a mail, including your CV and motivation for applying, to
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